Trainer bio

Nathan Swart

Nathan Swart

Personality ENFJ “The Protagonist”

Education/Certs Fitour; Crossfit internship; GoTRIBE internship

Experience Crossfit for two and half years, Crossfit competitor, Certified Personal Trainer for three years, Group instructor for one year. Strength training, body building, and weight loss.


Nathan enjoys creating an atmosphere of encouragement and empowerment in every session. Going through injuries to hinder him from being an athlete, he learned to overcome his insecurities and turned it to fuel to help others. From his experience, Nathan is for the beginners at the gym to advanced athletes. He strives for everybody to create healthy confidence in themselves the moment you walk into the doors. When the workout starts, get ready to lift with Nathan.

Q & A 1 – Favorite cheat meal of all time is extra-large barbeque chicken pizza and a nice imperial stout. BOOM!

Q & A 2 – Sweets over savory, end of discussion.

Q & A 3 – Favorite exercise hands down is back squats and deadlift.