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Online personal training. The future of fitness

Now you can work out LIVE with your trainer anywhere in the world! Membership options include live video workouts 1 - 6 times per week! This new, innovative way of personal training is exclusively offered at GoTRIBE. Your online membership includes live Skype or FaceTime Workouts with your Tribe Trainer, consultations and squat assessments to help our trainer design a specific program tailored to your goals. Included in your membership is online nutrition coaching and heart rate monitored workouts to ensure proper heart rate zones for your specific goals. Your dedicated trainer will assess your workouts, nutrition and heart rate monitored results each week for maximum results!

GoTribe personal training

At GoTRIBE, personal training is the heartbeat of our program. The personal trainer is not just your fitness coach. They are your nutrition specialist, program designer, accountability partner and friend. We believe the personal trainer should have a focus on the other 23 hours of the day in addition to the 1 hour training session. This produces the most effective, state of the art personal training program with the best results. All of which are based on the 3 pillars of fitness: Training, Nutrition and Heart Rate.

Join as one Succeed as Tribe

Our premier small group personal training program brings together people of all shapes, sizes and fitness backgrounds. You will experience a group of like minded individuals all working towards one goal, improving quality of life.

Our sessions are predesigned, member specific and heart rate monitored! Track your calories burned and heart rate zones during class to ensure the best workout for your goals!

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  • Your Tribe Trainer will monitor, track and record your fitness metrics using this app!
  • Stream your live heart rate to your Tribe Trainer for effective and accurate Zone workouts!
  • Earn GoPoints for your workouts!
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