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The most individualized small group fitness experience ever created!

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Join as one Succeed as Tribe

Small group personal training at GoTRIBE is the most individualized small group fitness experience ever created. Along with our TO23 platform, all small group Tribes are designed specifically for both weight training and high intensity calorie burning goals! Your health coach will help you pick the right program for your individual goals in addition to nutrition, homework and weekly measurements. Our sessions are predesigned, member specific and heart rate monitored! Track your calories burned and heart rate zones
during class to ensure the best workout for your goals!

What you get:

– 60 minute small group workouts of 4 to 10 members
– Dedicated Tribe Trainer leading all workouts
– Unlimited nutrition coaching
– Personal workout homework and monthly calendar
– Measurement tracking

Why small group personal training

GoTRIBE small group training allows you to have the attention of personal training at and affordable monthly rate! We have specially formatted our small group classes to give the maximum level of attention to each Tribe member. As an added bonus, GoTRIBE members receive “the other 23 hours” treatment! Nutrition consultation, homework workouts and workout calendars are standard with our program.

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