Trainer bio

Chris Hodges





Growing my fitness career inside the big box gyms, I balanced the line of corporate vs caring. My nature was to care but my employers only looked at profit. I climbed the corporate ladders and did well in all the positions that I held including multi-club management for one of the top fitness chains in America. I stayed true to my convictions and found ways to inspire and educate my teams without forcing formulas and arbitrary numbers down their throats for years until it became impossible to balance that line between corporate vs caring. I began to develop a concept in my head of what I believed fitness should be. A tribe of passionate, educated trainers coupled with the most advanced fitness technology in the world. This was a game changer.
I enlisted the help of COO Jacob Hoffman and together we began building our passion project concentrating on connection, relationship and technology. Today we have multiple studio locations and train members from all over the world, and we are just getting started. In the end, caring will always beat out corporate, and our growth and success stories prove it.

National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association Certified
Weight Loss Specialist
TRX Certified