Trainer bio


Krysten Coursey – North Hollywood, CA

Personality The Advocate

Education/Certs NASM CPT

Experience Spartan Woman’s Elite Competitor, Softball, 2 years personal training, 4 month internship with GoTribeFit


Has the ability to see athletic potential and create an environment to draw it out. She drives from a place of hope for each individual to lead the best life possible and believes it starts with a healthy mindset and lifestyle. After your session, Krysten will have you amped with determination and the belief that you can accomplish any goal you set in your mind.

Q & A 1 – Favorite Cheat Meal: Hot Hot Buffalo Wings, Mashed Potatoes, and an ice cream cookie sandwich!

Q & A 2 – Favorite Exercises: Pull-ups all day or a good Chipper

Q & A 3- Favorite Healthy Meal: ½ cup oat meal, ¾ cup egg whites, ¼ cup mixed berries, 1 tbsp almond butter, seasoned with cinnamon and stevia! So filling and kicks that sweet tooth!