Trainer bio

Krickit Hodges – North Hollywood, CA

Personality Consul

Education/Certs NASM certified. NESTA certified. NASM Behavioral Change Specialist

Experience Volleyball, Softball, Track, Spartan Races, NPC bikini competitor, Yogi, Personal Trainer for 7 years.


Krickit turns a workout into an experience. Growing up as an athlete gave her a deep respect for hard work and discipline. Her balance of high expectations and support will have you doing things you never imagined you could. As a coach Krickit is intuitive and inspirational. When the music starts, set your intention for a great workout.

Q & A 1 – I have 2 ultimate cheat meals I love. Italian: pizza, lasagna, and ice cream with a glass of wine. Then there’s breakfast: donuts, bacon, hash browns…the works.

Q & A 2 – The most inspirational movie for me is G.I. Jane or Wonder Woman.

Q & A 3 – Sweets every day all day.