Trainer bio

Jaz Hoffman

Personality Consul

Education/Certs NESTA Certified, NASM CES studied.

Experience Personal Trainer for 5 years, Texas State PowerLifting competitor, Volleyball (DS), Softball (outfield), Track (sprinter, Jumper, Hurdles)


Jaz got into all the sports she could growing up, loved the competition and striving to get better every practice. Inspired by her sister (Krickit Hodges) hearing about all the fun and trials she got to endure as a trainer. Jaz couldn’t resist the idea of joining that journey to helping other people understand more about the way their bodies move and overcoming nutrition struggles she could relate to. Jaz’s husband Jacob and brother-in-law Chris co-founded Gotribe, making the tribe mentality tried and true from the start

Q & A 1 – Favorite artist and song right now? Oh Man, Ed Sheeran’s Castle on a hill makes me want to dance every time!

Q & A 2 – Sweets or savories….. Hands down! savories. pico, jalapenos, sriracha on everything!!!

Q & A 3 – Favorite healthy meal, Stack in this order: ezekiel toast, avocado, salt, peppa, cayenne, 2 egg whites, pico, jalapenos, sriracha!