Trainer bio

Jacob Hoffman

Personality Executive

Education/Certs NASM CPT, CES, PES, WLS, FNS

Experience 15 years of Baseball, 13 years of weightlifting, 8 years of personal training


Jacob grew up playing sports and being active in everything that he did. He found that this was his passion and funneled that passion into helping others to be healthier and happier with personal training. He co-founded GoTribe to help personal trainers to better be able to help themselves and their clients. His main focus is to grow GoTribe worldwide and show everyone that there is a better way to exercise and be healthy.

Q & A 1 – Favorite Exercise: Pull Ups

Q & A 2 – What’s on your netflix: Walking Dead

Q & A 3 – Favorite Super hero: Ironman, duh