Trainer bio

Hanniel Puell – Santa Clarita, CA

Personality Protagonist

Education/Certs Bachelor's degree in Nutrition. Certified Speed and Agility Coach. Precision Nutrition Health Coach

Experience Injury Rehabilitation, Sports Conditioning, International soccer player, basketball, volleyball, baseball, fat loss!


Hanniel grew up playing soccer and was even given the opportunity to play for club teams in South America. His discipline and work ethic guided him in a career of training and helping others achieve their full potential. He is very encouraging and experience in injury Rehabilitation has allowed him to help individuals reach their goals.

Q & A 1 – My favorite super hero is Captain America!

Q & A 2 – My favorite cheat meal is hot wings with fries and blue cheese dip followed with an ice cold stout!

Q & A 3 – My most inspirational movie is Gladiator. “Are you not entertained?!”