Trainer bio

Emily Aceves – Palmdale, CA

Personality Protagonist

Education/Certs NASM PES, CES, M.S. Certification, CPR/ AED, BS Kinesiology

Experience Collegiate level volleyball, track, basketball, body building specializing in bikini prep, motocross programming


Emily was raised with being active as away of life. Whether it was playing sports, camping, hiking or riding her bike it was always something. Volleyball became a passion of her’s that lead her to the decision to pursue a degree in Kinesiology. After taking a job as a personal trainer, she fell in love with being able to take people and transform them physically, mentally and emotionally. Be ready to test your mental and physical capacity when you train with her!

Q & A 1 – Sweets or savory? Give me PB and chocolate all day long!

Q & A 2 – Favorite superhero? Thor. who doesn’t want to be a god?

Q & A 3 – Most inspirational movie? Braveheart… FREEEEDOOOMMMM