Trainer bio


Brayann Reese – Palmdale, CA

Personality Consul

Education/Certs NASM

Experience Premier League Soccer, Cross Country, and Track and Field.


Bray was raised in a family that was extremely active. Her father was Mr. Sooner State of 1983, and her mother was an advanced Equitation; so it was only natural that she followed her parents in living an active and healthy lifestyle. Her main sport growing up was competitive soccer. Her love for the sport inspired her to further her career in sports medicine, and quickly found that becoming a personal trainer was her calling. Her goal is to help give individuals the opportunity to transform their lives and live it to the fullest. She focuses on postural correction and strength building.

Q & A 1 – Favorite Exercise: Squats, and all their glorious variations!

Q & A 2 – Favorite Cheat Meal: Coffee Ice Cream with Nutella and Almonds! *heavy breathing*

Q & A 3 – Favorite Super Hero: Captain America…. because, ‘Merica!