Our Story


   My story as a personal trainer began in 2009. I was newly certified, anxious to train but inexperienced. I remember fighting for an interview at a brand new fitness facility in Fort Worth, TX. They called me “persistent”, looking back I think that meant “annoying”. Either way, in my last interview with them, I told them that if they hired me, it would be the best decision they could make for their new facility. From the moment they said “we’ll give you a shot”, I hit the ground running. I learned as much as possible, trained as much as possible and quickly became one of the top trainers in the area. I had the pleasure of helping active adult’s lower blood pressure, increase balance and stability but also helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds that changed their lives forever. I knew I stumbled on an amazing opportunity. I quickly moved up the corporate ladder, transferring to Los Angeles I continued to climb, taking on Fitness Manager, Membership Manager and multi Club Manager roles over the next 4 years with amazing success.
 The corporate climb was eye opening. The higher I went the less the focus was on helping people, and the more pressure our bosses stressed over hitting arbitrary sales goals and budgets. I quickly noticed that this high pressure sales world that they called fitness was only a house of cards sure to implode at any moment. I wanted to develop a product that treated people like individuals, not numbers. Something that would focus on results through accountability, not quantity. I needed to make it affordable and globally accessible for everyone, but local enough to stay connected. I left my corporate job, enlisted the help of now COO Jacob Hoffman, and together we have taken Go TRIBE from concept to a fiercely growing fitness experience. Today we have multiple fitness studios, amazing fitness technology and a stronger-than-ever passion for enhancing peoples lives and providing community for those who trust us with their health. We found our calling, to change the way people view fitness! 


– Chris Hodges

CEO, Co-Owner


Online personal training. The future of fitness

Now you can work out LIVE with your trainer anywhere in the world! Membership options include live online video workouts 1 – 6 times per week! This new, innovative way of personal training is exclusively offered at GoTRIBE. Included in your membership is online nutrition coaching and heart rate monitored workouts to ensure proper heart rate zones for your specific goals. Your dedicated trainer will assess your workouts,nutrition and heart rate monitored results each week for maximum results!

You will receive

Live 1:1 online Personal Training sessions
Customized workouts designed specifically for you and monitored by your own personal trainer.
You will receive a Skype consultation which includes:
Postural assessment and strength test
Muscle balance assessment
Assess over/under active muscles
Nutrition and eating habits review
Learn your specific goals

You will also receive

Daily workout reviews with your trainer
Workout stat logged through heart rate app
Daily nutrition coaching through food logs
Weekly evaluation to adjust workouts
Monthly newsletter sent out with extra tips
Daily access to our workout, exercise and nutrition database

GoTribe personal training

At GoTRIBE, personal training is the heartbeat of our program. The personal trainer is not just your fitness coach. They are your nutrition specialist, program designer, accountability partner and friend. We believe the personal trainer should have a focus on the other 23 hours of the day in addition to the 1 hour training session. This produces the most effective, state of the art personal training program with the best results. All of which are based on the 4 cornerstones of fitness: Mindset Movement Nutrition and Restoration.

Personal Training Includes:

– 1 to 6 times a week of private 1 on 1 sessions
– Workouts designed and tailored to your specific goals
– Nutrition consultation
– Monthly workout calendars

Join as one Succeed as Tribe

Small group personal training at GoTRIBE is the most individualized small group fitness experience ever created. Along with our TO23 platform, all small group Tribes are designed specifically for both weight training and high intensity calorie burning goals! Your health coach will help you pick the right program for your individual goals in addition to nutrition, homework and weekly measurements. Our sessions are predesigned, member specific and heart rate monitored! Track your calories burned and heart rate zones
during class to ensure the best workout for your goals!

What you get:

– 60 minute small group workouts of 4 to 10 members
– Dedicated Tribe Trainer leading all workouts
– Unlimited nutrition coaching
– Personal workout homework and monthly calendar
– Measurement tracking

Why small group personal training

GoTRIBE small group training allows you to have the attention of personal training at and affordable monthly rate! We have specially formatted our small group classes to give the maximum level of attention to each Tribe member. As an added bonus, GoTRIBE members receive “the other 23 hours” treatment! Nutrition consultation, homework workouts and workout calendars are standard with our program.

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“The mind is a powerful thing. It can take you through walls.” ― Denis Avey

Studies show the mind has ultimate control over the body. We focus first on moving our members into a place of mental strength and stability before the physical. Included in our membership services are a few personality quizzes so we can best pair you with the appropriate trainer or health coach.


“Consciousness is only possible through change; change is only possible through movement.” ― Aldous Huxley

GoTRIBE has partnered with the biggest educational platforms in the world to provide our Tribe Trainers with the very best and effective training styles available. We believe movement should be taught as non-linear, constantly challenging and always progressing. All movements are taught using GoTRIBE’s heart rate monitoring app to specifically individualize personal progress.


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates

Our easy-to-understand 5 phase program easily navigates our members through healthy and life changing choices. A health coach is always available to help you through the often confusing and complicated process of healthy eating.


Rest when you’re weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work. – Ralph Marston

Without rest and recovery, all other pillars are worthless. We gauge sleep and stress levels and proactively create recovery plans for all our members for the best results! Because of how the body repairs itself during rest, we emphasize a healthy rest routine with all our members.